Lucie and her children moved to a friend in the village. “ I used to live in the city and it was unthinkable for children to play on the street. But now I come home from work, and I only find a ticket on the table that they’re out. I know I don’t have to worry about them here, ”she says.

His older son is 11 and his daughter is 9 years old. The children go to the local school and the son even wants to go to the high school in the sixth grade . “I don’t know who he’s after,” his mom laughs, “I’m a trained confectioner.”

Shift work – challenging but good

Shift work - challenging but good

However, she never worked in the field. Despite her apprenticeship, she didn’t enjoy baking. “In addition, I will spoil the cake. No one understands it because it’s so terribly simple. But I will either burn it, or maybe it will leak, ”he describes small troubles.

On the other hand, she enjoys cooking and is already renowned for her cooking skills. Friends like to order a baked knee. Besides cooking, her biggest hobby is relaxation.

However, it also needs it because it works in a factory with three-shift operation. She is lucky that her boyfriend watches her children, because otherwise she would not be able to work on shifts. “It is a good job and I think I will earn quite a bit for a woman. I work like a Bulgarian, but I’m happy, ” he says.


Lucie repays properly

Lucie repays properly

The family situation is much better. Lucie consolidated her debts with Jared and Paul Credit Loan and repays several thousand less monthly than before. That is why she now has enough money to take the children on a trip or go to the restaurant from time to time. She paid off perfectly all year and improved her credit reputation so much that Jared and Paul Credit Loan offered her a Premia credit card.

Lucie uses it for unexpected expenses. For example, when a son and his friends accidentally damaged a foreign car and Lucie had to pay the damage. “I’m definitely not the kind that would pay for cosmetics or nails for credit card money. He won’t use me for that, ” he says with a laugh.


A story with a good ending

money debt

Although life in a debt trap was difficult, it had one benefit. “I appreciate things I haven’t appreciated before,” he describes. And what would she do differently today? “I’d confide in someone sooner and ask him for advice, ” he says.

Although Lucie was in a very difficult situation, she did not give up. She did not wait for the bailiff to come and actively solve her problems. She asked for help from the Ombudsman Jared and Paul Credit Loan, who helped her consolidate.

Now he has lower installments he manages to repay, and bad days are gone.

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