10 tips to reduce your car insurance costs

Taking out car insurance is a necessary step to protect yourself financially in the event of a tragedy. Many people think that auto insurance premiums are rigid, but in reality, that’s not the case. You can opt for car insurance that meets your needs without exceeding your financial limits. To do this, you just need to follow some very simple and useful tips.

Browse the 10 tips to lower your car insurance costs below:-

1- Compare between the available options:

Many car insurance companies offer great deals on car insurance. Compare car insurance online from different insurance companies and check what they offer you based on policy coverage, additional benefits, cost of premium, services and any add-ons, if any. It will help you find the best auto insurance for your vehicle.

2- Do not modify your vehicle beyond the need:

Unnecessary modifications will increase the cost of the car and as the cost of the car increases, the cost of car insurance premiums will also increase. Therefore, avoid unnecessary modifications to your vehicle.

3- Install a lock in your 4 wheels:

The cost of car insurance premium is directly proportional to the liability that a car poses to the insurance company. Installation of devices such as anti-theft alarm, speed lock, steering lock, etc. reduces the liability of auto insurance companies, and as liability decreases, the cost of auto insurance premiums automatically decreases.

4- If there is an option, increase your voluntary deductible:

The voluntary deductible is the part of the claim amount that the car owner voluntarily agrees to pay in the event of a claim due to damage caused by his car. If you take this step, it will reduce the liability of the car insurance company and as mentioned above, the cost of car insurance decreases with the decrease in the liability of the car insurance company.

5- Skip the add-ons you don’t need:

Add-ons like tire protection cover, gear protection cover, garage crate, etc. increase your car coverage, but it also increases the premium cost of the car. Choose the add-ons that your four-wheeler really needs and try to avoid the unnecessary ones, this will automatically reduce the cost of your car insurance.

6- Do not break your “No Claim Bonus” for minor claims:

If you make a claim for minor damage to your four-wheeled vehicle, your bonus-malus will be cancelled. Minor damage isn’t really that expensive to fix, so avoid minor claims. This will save your bonus-malus and reduce the cost of renewing your car insurance.

7- If you are not a regular driver, opt for “Pay as you drive” car insurance:

Many people don’t use their cars regularly, they prefer to use public transport like trains or buses and if you are one of them, paying a large sum for insurance premiums can be a stupid mistake for you. You can opt for “pay as you drive” car insurance, if you do not drive your car frequently. The cost of this type of car insurance premium is based on the total number of kilometers driven by the car. Thus, the less the distance traveled by the car, the lower the cost of your car insurance premium will be.

8- Buy a vehicle that meets your needs: Don’t go for luxury cars or big cars if you just need a commuter car. As the more expensive car will lead to more expensive car insurance premiums. Downsizing your vehicle will save you a lot on your car insurance cost.

9- Drive carefully, be careful on the roads:

It’s not really a trick to say, of course. Nowadays, the increasing number of car wrecks leads to more road accidents. Be a careful driver, save your life and money.

10- Discuss with your agent:

You never know what kind of special discounts are available to you if you are in the public sector, like a military professional, etc. You should definitely ask if there are any special discounts for your case. Many auto insurance companies offer special discounts for particular categories. Do not miss these special discounts if you fall into this special category. It’s always better to ask than to regret.

Taking out car insurance is a mandatory step for any car owner. It’s simply unavoidable, but you can certainly reduce the cost of your car insurance by following the simple tips mentioned above.

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