4 auto insurance discounts you may be eligible for

Owning a car may not be a luxury for you, but rather a necessity. If you live somewhere without public transportation, you may have no choice but to have your own car. And even if there is is public transport in your area, it may not be reasonable to take it everywhere, such as to the supermarket to stock up on groceries for a week.

But owning a car can be expensive. AAA estimates that it costs $9,666 per year to own a vehicle, and that includes expenses like car maintenance and insurance. The good news, however, is that there are steps you can take to make your car insurance cheaper. Here are four discounts you may be eligible for.

1. A good drive reduction

Drivers with a history of safe vehicle operation tend to be rewarded with lower car insurance premiums. Now, if you already have a move violation on your record, you can’t go back in time and undo it. But what are you can do is aim to drive safely and follow traffic laws in the future so that in time you will be eligible for a discount.

2. A defensive driving discount

Some people learn to be defensive drivers with experience. But if you’re a new driver, there are courses you can take to learn the ropes. And in some cases, taking a defensive driving course could result in a discount on your car insurance.

Also, you don’t necessarily have to be a new driver to get a discount after taking a defensive driving course. While some insurers reserve their defensive driving discounts for new drivers, others allow all drivers to benefit from this option.

Before signing up for a course, however, check with your insurance company to see what type of discount you are considering. Also make sure that the course in question is acceptable to your insurer.

3. A bundle discount

Some insurance companies will give you a reduced premium rate if you bundle your auto and home insurance. If you’re buying a home or already own one, it’s worth seeing what savings you can make by using the same company to insure your home as well as your car.

4. A low mileage discount

Some drivers use their car every day, for example to get to work. Others only use their car for shopping or on weekends. If you fall into the latter category, you may be entitled to reduced insurance premiums. The logic is that if you don’t use your car as much, you are less likely to have an accident.

Many people are working remotely these days. If your driving status has changed since you purchased car insurance and you no longer use your car for your daily trips, it pays to let your insurance company know. Making that call could result in lower premiums.

Owning a car is not cheap, even if your vehicle is already fully reimbursed. But these tips could mean lower car insurance costs — and more savings for you.

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