Best Cheap Car Insurance in Tulsa for 2022

The average cost of auto insurance in Tulsa is $2,069 for full coverage per year, or about $172 per month, while minimum coverage averages $484 per year. These rates are higher than the national average cost of insurance, at $1,771 per year for full coverage and $545 per year for minimum coverage. The higher car insurance rates in Tulsa can be attributed to factors such as the higher population density in the Tulsa area, which can increase the likelihood of a costly claim. Despite this, drivers can still find inexpensive auto insurance companies in Tulsa that offer a variety of coverage options and benefits.

The cheapest car insurance company in Tulsa, Oklahoma is Geico, according to Bankrate’s 2022 Listed Annual Premiums Study. Finding the best auto insurance companies in Oklahoma for Tulsa drivers involves looking beyond which insurer offers the cheapest rates. Insurance agents recommend reviewing multiple insurers and choosing coverage that gives you the financial protection you need.

Best Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Tulsa

We found the cheapest auto insurance companies in Tulsa to be Geico, USAA, State Farm, Farm Bureau, and Allstate, based on premium data from Quadrant Information Services. In addition to finding these cheap car insurance companies in Tulsa, Bankrate looked at several other factors to determine how companies compare based on other attributes that affect policyholders. Hedging options, rebates, and third-party ratings, such as the 2022 JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey and AM Best Ratings for Financial Strength, all contributed to our review. Each factor also affects the insurer’s Bankrate Score, which is out of five possible points and can help you compare insurers at a glance.

When it comes to car insurance, Tulsa drivers on average pay higher rates, so it’s important to find as many options as possible when determining which of the best car insurance companies may be the right fit.

*Not officially rated with JD Power due to eligibility restrictions


Geico has the cheapest rates for car insurance in Tulsa, for both full and minimum coverage options, according to our analysis of premium data. Not only does Geico offer competitive rates for the area, but drivers can appreciate its large number of available discounts. Discounts include those for vehicle safety equipment and seat belt use, as well as savings for taking approved defensive driving courses. Geico also scores above average in JD Power’s 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey and received an A++ (Superior) rating from AM Best, reflecting how well the company has historically met its obligations. in terms of complaints.

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USAA ranks second among providers for the cheapest car insurance rates in Tulsa for full and minimum coverage. USAA earns a top Bankrate score of 5.0 due to its many coverage options and discounts, as well as A++ (Superior) AM Best and high ratings from JD Power for customer satisfaction. Although the USAA gets impressive ratings, it is only available to current and former service members and their immediate family members. Eligibility requirements may prevent some drivers from purchasing a policy through USAA, but those who are eligible may find it to be one of Tulsa’s best car insurance companies.

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state farm

State Farm ranks third among providers on the list, based on its rates, as one of the cheapest auto insurance companies in Tulsa. It also stands out for its scores from JD Power, scoring above the average of eligible insurers in the Central region. State Farm offers many benefits to policyholders, including an extensive network of local agents, a popular mobile app, a comprehensive online portal, and accessible customer service. State Farm offers discounts and policy customization options, such as roadside assistance. Although it doesn’t offer as many discounts as the other providers on the list, the Multi-Car and Steer Clear programs are two examples of additional ways to save with State Farm.

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agricultural office

Oklahoma Farm Bureau offers a wide range of auto insurance coverage options and discounts. Coverage options include the standard selection offered by insurers, as well as specialized choices like roadside assistance and additional transportation services (similar to reimbursement for a rental car). Discounts are available for customer retention and policy bundling, as well as premium savings for taking an approved defensive driving course. Although full and minimum coverage options are available, some policyholders may be disappointed with the lack of a mobile app for full policy management. However, you can request a quote online, which is a useful web feature.

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Allstate ranks fifth on the list of cheapest car insurance companies, but offers a range of specialty policy features. Allstate can be a great option for drivers who want more extensive coverage, like roadside assistance and custom equipment coverage. Discounts are plentiful, helping to offset Allstate rates, allowing drivers to save by enrolling in the DriveWise program or earning good grades in school. Although Allstate is comparatively more expensive than the other providers on our list, its mobile app is highly rated and has full policy management (including coverage and policy updates at your fingertips).

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How to Get and Keep the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tulsa

Finding the best car insurance in Tulsa is one aspect for budget-conscious drivers, but maintaining the cheapest rates with the right coverage is another task. Keep these tips in mind when looking for ways to secure and save on the right policy.

  • Buy multiple vendors. When shopping for auto insurance, one of the best methods is to compare multiple providers. Pricing may vary from company to company, even if based on the same personal information you provide. By comparing several quotes, you can see which company offers the best and most affordable rates.
  • Maintain a clean driving record. Maintaining a driving record free of accidents and travel violations keeps you safe on the road and helps you save money. Drivers with a clean driving record generally receive the lowest rates from providers. It may also entitle you to additional savings, such as safe driver discounts or an accident-free discount.

Frequently Asked Questions


Bankrate uses Quadrant Information Services to analyze 2022 rates for all zip codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Rates shown are based on a 40-year-old male and female with a clean driving record, credit and the following complete information coverage limits:

  • Civil liability of $100,000 in bodily injury per person
  • Civil liability of $300,000 in bodily injury per accident
  • Civil liability of $50,000 in property damage per accident
  • $100,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per person
  • $300,000 uninsured motorist bodily injury per accident
  • $500 collision deductible
  • $500 aggregate deductible

To determine minimum coverage limits, Bankrate has used a minimum coverage that meets each state’s requirements. Our basic profile drivers own a 2020 Toyota Camry, commute five days a week, and drive 12,000 miles a year.

These are sampling rates and should only be used for comparison purposes.

Discount rate score

Exchange rate scores primarily reflect a weighted ranking of industry standard ratings for financial strength and customer experience, in addition to analysis of annual premiums quoted by Quadrant Information Services, covering all 50 states and Washington, D.C. DC We know it’s important for drivers to feel confident that their financial protection covers the most likely risks, is priced competitively and is provided by a financially strong company with a track record of positive customer support.

In determining how well the top auto insurance companies meet these priorities, third-party agency ratings from JD Power, AM Best, S&P, NAIC, and Moodys had the most impact on the companies’ currency scores. . Since price is a common consideration for drivers, we analyzed quoted premiums based on 40-year-old male and female drivers with a 2019 Toyota Camry. This profile, evaluated on over 35,000 U.S. zip codes, has provided a basis on which drivers can compare each supplier.

While coverage options, insurer availability, affordability and customer experience are often top priorities, Bankrate also analyzed each insurer’s online and mobile resources for managing policies and handling claims. Insurance is changing rapidly to keep pace with our digital world, so these aspects have also weighed in determining the exchange rate scores.

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