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Who are the Diamonds?

Diamond is part of the Admiral group, alongside Elephant, Bell and, of course, Admiral. It was founded in 1997 as an insurer for female drivers.

It still gears its products towards women but cannot offer women cheaper cover than men because insurers have been banned since 2012 from taking a driver’s gender into account when setting premiums.

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Choose from a range of policy options for affordable coverage that’s right for you and your car.

Why should I consider Diamond?

Diamond offers third party liability, fire and theft insurance and comprehensive automobile insurance. Its comprehensive policies come with European cover as standard, and EV drivers also get cover for battery and charging equipment.

If you need it and are willing to pay extra, you can add breakdown coverage, bodily injury coverage, rental car coverage, and legal expense protection.

Diamond’s auto insurance is rated five stars by independent analysts Defaqto.

How to contact Diamond

You can call Diamond on 0333 220 2004 between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday, 9am and 5pm on Saturday and 9.30am and 4pm on Sunday. If you call to make changes to your policy you will be charged £25. Do it online via MyAccount and you’ll only be charged £9.50.

For accident recovery Diamond has a 24 hour helpline which can be contacted on 0800 600 840. If you need emergency glass repair call 0333 220 2026.

How to find the best coverage for you

Hopefully, you’ll never need to make a claim on your auto insurance, but if you do, you’ll need an insurer that handles claims quickly, efficiently, and fairly.

The best way to get an idea of ​​how an insurer treats its customers is to check out independent review sites such as Defaqto and TrustPilot.

Cost is also important, but only relative to the amount of coverage you get in return. A cheap policy can be attractive, but if it lacks features you’ll need later and you’re forced to pay for it yourself, it’s not as cheap as it looks.

Likewise, a more expensive font with lots of features that you never use might not be the best use of your money. Balancing cost and coverage is key, and a price comparison service like ours can help.

Why it makes sense to compare policies and providers

The rising cost of living makes it more important than ever to make sure you’re not paying too much for car insurance.

Car insurance companies are no longer able to offer better prices to new customers due to regulations introduced this year, but it’s still worth looking for better deals.

You can’t assume your current provider will give you the best price on renewal, so it makes sense to check.

Compare auto insurance quotes

Choose from a range of policy options for affordable coverage that’s right for you and your car.

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