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A bigger screen for immersive gameplay and unprecedented video viewing, along with a faster chip and longer lasting battery are what you would expect from the new phone, according to leaked images and insider discussions. .

Tipsters have revealed that Infinix, known around the world as a brand to the younger generation, is preparing to launch a new phone as part of its HOT series – hot infinix 10.

Since its launch 7 years ago, the HOT series has been a favorite among young cellphone users. The leaked photos suggest that the new HOT 10 builds on and improves upon what its users love most about the series. Infinix’s next device aims to provide unlimited enjoyment to its users with its upgraded hardware and software.

The device reflects how Infinix grew up with the younger generation and how the smartphone maker identifies their demands for products designed with their basic needs at heart.

Product leak photo from HOT 10

Rumor has it that the new device will have a large 6.78 inch screen which will significantly improve the entertainment experience for its users. This experience will be supported by intelligent management of the processor and GPU of the device. This will optimize memory and gaming performance, according to sources close to the project.

As seen in the leaked photos, it will all be enclosed in a new shiny geometric design that is not only functional but also fashionable to keep up with the times.

Today, consumers select smartphones based on price, size, screen resolution, camera quality, storage, and interface familiarity, according to studies by the sector. Apart from the camera, the selection criteria are not very different from choosing a computer.

A new report from DFC Intelligence revealed that as of mid-2020, there were nearly 3.1 billion video game consumers worldwide. It’s no wonder that gaming apps have become one of the main entertainment features on smartphones these days. Its growing popularity with young people is due to their perception of mobile games not only as a tool for relaxation, but also as a tool for socializing and connecting with other people around the world who share similar interests.

Studies also indicate that the mobile gaming market is expected to grow 2.9% per year to reach US $ 56.6 billion by 2024. Most smartphones today support mainstream games like Pokémon Go. and Candy Crush. Phones that can support the most graphic yet popular games like Free Fire, Fortnite, and PUBG will surely stand out among the crowd.

It seems that the developers of Infinix took these requests seriously as they, for the first time in the HOT series, used the MediaTek Helio G70 chip with MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology. MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology ensures that your smartphone is always following you. It has an intelligent resource management engine that guarantees sustained performance and longer gameplay.

Considering its heritage and branding heritage, the new HOT smartphone should be the perfect choice among its rivals in the same price range.

Unique leaked features that can be expected in the new HOT include: a high-resolution Quad AI camera, allowing users to be their own director, filming however they want. The new rear camera is said to have a super night vision mode, as well as an automatic image correction feature for those urgent shots.

Also, the new HOT phone is said to have a 123% upgrade on single processor frequency and 64% upgrade on multi-processor frequency over the previous version, making it a great choice. for game lovers. Add to this the excellent fluidity and stability provided by the MediaTek Helio G70 chip and users will be able to experience “extreme speed” by freely immersing themselves in the game anytime, anywhere.

The HOT 10 is said to have cinematic quality sound as well. According to a privileged source, the immersive audio experience of the new phone is due to DTS audio processing technology. Users can increase the sound effect for their enjoyment and even customize the sound effects to better enjoy the audio experiences while watching their favorite movies, listening to music or playing games. Other features could include fast charging technology as well as face and fingerprint unlocking of the phone.

With the imminent launch of the latest device in the HOT series, it looks like Infinix has sealed its position not only as a consumer choice but also as a lifestyle choice, by delivering a trendy device that offers unlimited entertainment and possibilities for young people and aspirants. .

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