No paper required; Auto insurance digital proof law goes into effect on Thursday

CHARLESTON, West Virginia – Proof of insurance will no longer be required on paper for roadside checks and trips to the State Motor Vehicle Division.

On Thursday, a new law allowing digital proof of auto insurance on a wireless communications device goes into effect in West Virginia.

Of the. Steve Westfall (R-Jackson, 12)

“It looks exactly the same as a paper certificate. It is exactly the same. All the numbers are there, everything you need to get your license or to show the agent you have insurance, ”said delegate Steve Westfall (R-Jackson, 12).

Nowadays, many auto insurance companies offer insurance documents through apps on cell phones or other devices.

Westfall said such options are convenient for insured drivers who may misplace their paper documents.

“They have to go to the magistrate’s office, they have to show proof of insurance. It takes time out of their work schedule and it takes time for local magistrates’ offices to dismiss these tickets, ”Westfall said. “This will eliminate this problem.”

The Legislative Assembly approved SB 373 during the 2015 Ordinary Legislative Session.

More than 30 other states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky, have passed similar state laws allowing electronic proof of insurance. West Virginia is # 35.

“Overall, this will ease the burden on West Virginia consumers as well as law enforcement personnel.” With the entry into force of this law, this will reduce the pressure on the justice system and will be of direct benefit to our local magistrates, ”said Westfall.

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