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Comparison of progressive car insurance rates for good drivers

Progressive offers mid-range auto insurance rates for drivers with clean driving records compared to top competitors. Progressive auto insurance is cheaper than Allstate and Farmers on average, but more expensive than Geico and State Farm when it comes to good drivers.

Even good drivers will find that rates vary widely between insurance companies, so shopping around can pay off.

Comparison of progressive car insurance rates for drivers with speeding tickets

Progressive has high rates for drivers with speeding tickets compared to its competitors. A speeding ticket increases a progressive car insurance policy by more than $500 on average, according to analysis by Forbes Advisor.

It’s wise to shop around for auto insurance after getting a speeding ticket or after an accident. As you see below, rates vary widely from one insurance company to another. This is because they have different methods for assessing risk and for pricing policies.

Comparison of progressive car insurance rates for drivers who have caused an accident with injury

Progressive auto insurance customers pay an average of more than $1,000 after causing an accident with injury. That’s a much higher increase than State Farm, which only increases rates by about $300 after the same situation.

Auto insurance isn’t just about raising your rate after an accident. For example, you need to consider the company’s customer service record and how well you match their discounts, so don’t let your insurance company down strictly on the degree of rate increases.

Comparison of progressive car insurance rates for drivers with a DUI

Car insurance companies differ significantly when it comes to calculating rates after a DUI. Some insurers like Geico can more than double your car insurance rates. However, others like Progressive can only increase rates by a few hundred dollars.

Our analysis of national rates found that Progressive raises premiums by an average of $528 for drivers with a DUI. This is the cheapest average rate increase after a DUI compared to competitors and the second lowest overall rate among major competitors.

Comparison of progressive auto insurance rates for drivers with poor credit

Progressive charges much higher rates for drivers with poor credit compared to Geico, but it’s also in line with other competitors. Even with less than stellar credit, you can save on coverage by comparing purchases. The difference between the highest average rate for drivers with bad credit ($3,826) and the lowest ($1,679) is more than $2,000, according to a Forbes Advisor analysis of major insurance companies.

California, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Michigan do not allow insurers to consider a person’s credit history when determining auto insurance rates.

Stepwise Comparison of Car Insurance Rates for Adding a Teen Driver

Adding a teenager to a parent’s policy results in one of the biggest rate increases in auto insurance. State Farm has the lowest average national rate increase and even increases average rates by about $1,000 per year as well.

Progressive charges nearly $3,000 more on average when a customer adds a teen to their policy, which is the highest average rate increase among major competitors. Be sure to ask about potential discounts when adding a teenager, including good student discounts.

Comparison of tiered car insurance rates for young drivers aged 18-25

Young drivers generally pay higher rates than more experienced drivers. Progressive is on the high end when comparing competitor rates for young drivers.

Insurers assess risk on several factors and Progressive is the one that puts more emphasis on the driver experience. The average annual rate for drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 is over $3,600, more than double the average Geico rate for that age group.

Comparison of progressive car insurance rates for drivers aged 65 and over

Progressive does not set rates as high for older drivers as they do for young drivers. The insurance company has average annual rates for drivers age 65 and older. Geico and State Farm are much cheaper for this age group.

If you’re an experienced driver and think you’re paying too much for insurance, it’s wise to get quotes from several companies. You may be able to find a company that offers lower rates or offers senior driver discounts.

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