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Metroid Dread: How to Kill Robots (EMMI)

Metroid Dread’s EMMI bots are great for creating tension, much like a Xenomorph or Mr. X. Here’s how to target and kill them all.

While Metroid Dread retains all of the hallmarks of a classic 2D Metroid game, there is one feature that sets it apart from its predecessors: fear. This is mainly due to the seven EMMI robots that follow Samus around the planet ZDR, making parts of the game extremely tense.

Much like the Xenomorph in Alien Isolation or Mr. X in Resident Evil 2, at first it seems like the only thing players can deal with Metroid Dread’s terrifying enemies is running. Granted, this is sometimes true, but as the floor progresses, players will eventually acquire the tools necessary to permanently deactivate the bots.

How to kill robots in Metroid Dread

The good news is that Samus is capable of destroying robots and will even unlock new gear for each one she destroys. Unfortunately, the Omega Blaster, the weapon needed to take out an EMMI, can only handle a single target and can only be obtained by absorbing energy from a broken CPU.

Fortunately, the CPU that powers the first Omega Blaster has already been destroyed, but the other six must be defeated in battle. Once Samus has absorbed their energy, players must hold the L Button to aim at the Omega Blaster, the R Button to charge it, and the Y Button to fire.

Players should aim for the target’s flashing red core. The bots will occasionally adjust their height as they get closer to Samus, so players should be prepared to readjust their shot at any time. It’s usually best to lure the EMMI down a long, straight lane to get it out, as this gives players a bit more time to maneuver.

The first robot encountered by players in Artaria is badly damaged, and its core is already fully exposed. Subsequent EMMIs, on the other hand, have guards in place to protect their cores, so players must overcome them before using the Omega Blaster, typically by quickly shooting them with Samus’ blaster arm until that the outer case is overheating.

How to avoid bots in Metroid Dread

Due to the scarcity of CPUs, players will need to become adept at avoiding and destroying robots. Running is usually the best way to achieve this, and players should take advantage of the fact that they can open the map at any time when they are running away. Samus can also counter the robot’s attack by hitting the X button, but that’s best not to be trusted as the timing is extremely tight.

Players will be able to use the Ghost Cloak after defeating Artaria’s boss, Corpius. This invaluable equipment not only helps Samus get through motion detector doors, but also allows him to hide from EMMI. make physical contact with her or hear her.

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