Tesla launches new auto insurance that uses real-time driving behavior of Texans


Tesla now offers auto insurance in Texas, its new original condition, Few years later launch the product in California. According to ElectrekHowever, the insurance available to Texans is quite different from what homeowners can get in the Golden State: it calculates a client’s insurance premium using their driving behavior in real time. Their credit, age, and gender, which are typically used by other insurers, apparently don’t matter to Tesla. The automaker says it won’t even look at claim history and customer driving records.

Instead, Tesla will look at their “safety scores,” which is a feature it introduced with the Complete self-driving beta version released in September. This could make things quite tricky, as the premium payable can change each month depending on the conditions encountered by the driver on the road. Each forced collision warning and forced autopilot disengagement will affect their score. Following other vehicles at an unsafe distance, braking too hard, and turning aggressively around bends could also reduce their score. The Safety Score is still a beta feature at this point, and Tesla said it should improve over time.

Homeowners can now ask for a quote, in which the automaker will assume a safety score of 90 to start its policy. The price will depend on the customer’s performance after that, and it could be more or less than what a traditional supplier charges. At Tesla’s shareholders meeting, where his new home state was also revealed, Elon Musk noted the company plans to upgrade its California offering to be based on real-time driving behavior as well. He is not yet authorized to implement the change, but is currently trying to seek permission from regulators.


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