What to do if you lose your wallet: a step-by-step guide

Call the credit bureaus

Contact the two major credit bureaus used in Canada—Equifax and TransUnion. They can add a temporary alert to your profiles in case someone tries to use your information to apply for loans, credits or services on your behalf, says Maria Maffia, vice president of Dragonfly ID, an identity restoration company that will make all the necessary calls and do the paperwork associated with a missing wallet or other compromised identity cases. With saved alerts, if a thief tries to impersonate you while applying for a credit card or renting an apartment, for example, the person doing the credit check will be asked to call the phone number they are looking for. you have associated with your credit profile. and confirm that you made the request. In the event of a lost wallet or other known breach of your personal information, credit monitoring companies offer this service for free, says Maffia.

Contact your automotive service

If your license is lost and driving is an essential part of your routine, starting the process of making sure it’s legal for you to drive is your next critical step. This is where you are going to hope that you did not have all the IDs in the missing wallet, as you will need to present something with your name, date of birth, and signature. A passport is ideal, but some provinces and territories will accept your health card instead. Check the requirements for your area before you go to the office for your temporary permit, and remember that you will need to take the bus or take a lift from a friend or family member. Some provinces also allow you to apply for a replacement license online.

Call the bank again

If your wallet doesn’t show up in the first couple of days, it’s time to start the process of replacing your cards. Contact your financial institutions to permanently cancel cards and order replacements. You can do this in person at a branch or over the phone. If you can go to a branch, you should be able to get a replacement bank card on site (again, provided you have ID). Your replacement credit card will likely take seven to ten business days to arrive.

Begin the process of replacing another important identifier

Hope you didn’t have your social insurance card or birth certificate in your wallet, but if you did, start the replacement process ASAP. It took Kesteloot two years to replace his birth certificate, which also contained a replacement passport. “For two years, I couldn’t even do cross-border shopping,” she says. A visit to your home Provincial Directorate of Civil Status will launch you on a new birth certificate, and for a replacement SIN card, first find a local Service Canada Office.

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